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What will it cost to enlist the services of MTM?

Most of our services are provided at no cost to you and are covered by commissions paid by hotels to our company, just as a travel agent receives a commission for each booking they place. Additional services are usually based on a percentage of your final charges, but we suggest you let us know how we may best serve you, and we will tailor a proposal to suit your specific needs.

In many cases, it is more cost-effective to outsource your planning needs than to hire additional staff to manage a meeting or event. In addition, you get the benefit of highly-seasoned professionals joining your team on a temporary basis when you need them most.

What are the benefits of using MTM over handling the plans myself, or having my assistant do the legwork?

MTM will save you time, aggravation and money.  Because we have been in this line of work for so many years, we have built a network of contacts and have experience working in many of the most popular destinations.  If we don’t have an immediate solution to a problem or request, we have resources at our disposal to get answers quickly. 

In addition, as our backgrounds are firmly rooted in hotel/private club management and in the party rental industry, we are able to lend you expertise to get the most of your budget in every situation.  We work as your advocate to ensure flawless execution of your event. You can be assured your meeting will happen on time, the way you requested it.

As a third party, we save you the hassle of having to negotiate with outside vendors, and you will have the confidence that experienced planners are handling all your arrangements professionally.  Better yet, over time, as you work with us on a repeated basis, you will find additional benefits, as we will better know you and your needs.  You will no longer have to “reinvent the wheel” for each annual meeting.  Instead, we will be the buffer between you and the outside vendors.

Where has MTM planned meetings and events in the past?

MTM has executed events all over the United States and in many international destinations as well.  Here is a partial listing of the places we have worked in the last several years:

Athens Denver London Paris San Juan
Atlanta Dubai Marco Island Phoenix Scottsdale
Austin Hilton Head Mexico City Prague Sedona
Bal Harbour Hollywood Miami Richmond St. Louis
Boca Raton Houston Nashville San Antonio Tampa
Chicago Key Largo New Orleans San Diego Toronto
Dallas Laguna Beach Orlando San Francisco Williamsburg

What size meetings will you handle?

In the past, MTM has planned a variety of meetings ranging in size from only 6 executive team members to 700+ attendees. There is no set minimum, but usually, in order to establish a group room block and earn a commission from a hotel, a minimum of 10 overnight guest rooms, each evening, is required. We are available on a fee basis to work anything smaller than this, or for events not involving room nights.

We have an in-house meeting department, so why would we need to enlist your services?

MTM often works in tandem with in-house planners to augment their services and provide them with additional assistance needed to manage larger meetings or an increased volume of meetings. The MTM team members are dedicated full-time event planners who bring instant value and expert knowledge to your company. With organizations facing shorter lead time and tighter budgets, using our services is a fiscally responsible decision.

What types of meetings and events have you planned?

We have worked a variety of events and meetings including, but not limited to the following:

  • Advisory Board Meetings
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Customer Appreciation & Focus Events
  • Employee Appreciation & Focus Events
  • Executive Retreats and Board Meetings
  • Ground-Breaking Ceremonies
  • Holiday Parties
  • Marketing Summits
  • Strategic Business Meetings
  • National Sales Meetings
  • New Hire Orientations
  • New Product Launches
  • Retirement Parties
  • Team Building Activities
  • Training Seminars